The Roger Scruton Bibliography

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SCRUTON, Roger Vernon (27 Feb 1944 - 2020 Jan 12).


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2013. “Introduction to the 2013 Edition”, The Aesthetics of Architecture (Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press), ix–xxi. Cf. Scruton 1979.
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2016. Confessions of a Heretic (Notting Hill). Abbreviation = COH.
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2018c. Souls in the Twilight (Beaufort Books). Abbreviation = SIT.
2020. Wagner's Parsifal: The Music of Redemption (Penguin). Abbreviation = WP.
2022. Against the Tide: The best of Roger Scruton's columns, commentaries and criticism (Bloomsbury). Abbreviation = ATT.

Edited Books:

1988. Conservative Thinkers: Essays from ‘The Salisbury Review’ (London: The Claridge Press).
1988a. Conservative Thoughts: Essays from ‘The Salisbury Review’ (London: The Claridge Press).
1991b. Conservative Texts: An Anthology, Edited with an Introduction [pp. 1–28] by Roger Scruton (New York: St. Martin’s Press).

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2007a. “The Sacred and the Human”, Prospect Magazine (August 1, 2007): <>.

2008. “The Limits of Liberty”, The American Spectator (Dec 2008 / Jan 2009): 46–54. <>.

2012c. “The Space of Music”, Reason Papers Vol. 34, no. 2 (October 2012): 167–183. <>.

2015b. “The End of the University”, First Things (April 2015), <>.

2016c. “Richard Wagner and the Valhalla state of mind”, Prospect Magazine (July 2016 issue), <>.

2017b. “The Work of the Philosopher”, TLS (Nov 1, 2017), <>.

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