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Dr. Christopher S. Morrissey
Trinity Western University

Faculty of Philosophy
SCK: Greek and Latin

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克里斯托弗 莫里西 🖖 שלום
vivatis et bene sit vobis Dt 5:33
        Hesiod Theogony Works and Days

Logic of the Future V1  Logic of the Future V2/1  Logic of the Future V2/2  Logic of the Future V3  Logic of the Future V3/2 

Logic Textbooks: forallx-yyc and Open Logic Project

ISBN 978-7565135774  ISBN 978-7565136276  ISBN 978-7565136337  ISBN 978-7565136337  ISBN 978-7565136337 

Kermit Snelson, "The Phanerochemical Wedding of Logic and Philosophia Perennis:
On Morrissey's The Way of Logic",
Review of The Way of Logic, by Christopher S. Morrissey, in
The American Journal of Semiotics 35.3-4 (2019): 474-481.