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Academic Interests: Term Logic / Peircean Semiotics / Speculative Metaphysics / Philosophy of Nature / Mimetic Theory

Ph.D. (Simon Fraser University)
M.A. (University of British Columbia)
B.A. (University of British Columbia)
B.Sc. (University of Manitoba)

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Associate Editor of The American Journal of Semiotics — published by the Semiotic Society of America

Certified Member, Institute for Advanced Physics

Translator of the ancient Greek poetry of Hesiod

Author of 逻辑之道 — The Way of Logic (Nanjing Normal University Press, 2018) ISBN 7-5651-3577-1

Book of poetry: C.S. Morrissey, Hesiod: Theogony / Works and Days (Vancouver, BC: Talonbooks, 2012)

"Simply put, this translation possesses the potential to stir the divine spirit flowing within oneself—praise few translations merit." —Rebecca LeMoine, book review in Voegelin View

"My favorite book of the year was, without a doubt, Canadian philosopher Chris Morrissey’s new translation of Hesiod’s Theogony and Works and Days (Talon). Morrissey has provided a spectacular and poetic read of one of the greats of antiquity. The profundity of Hesiod’s language as well as his mythopoetic vision shine forth in this new translation." —Bradley J. Birzer, "The Best Books I Read in 2012", Catholic World Report.

"Hesiod's appeal may widen with the publication of Morrissey's new translation. It is clear and reads well, especially aloud. Shifts in tone and vocabulary from the formal to the demotic are challenges that some translators fail to meet. Not Morrissey. ... Morrissey has brought fire and light to Hesiod's work, and offered it to us with clarity and good humour, in the darkening air of our time." —Vallum: Contemporary Poetry (issue 10:1): 85–87.

"Morrissey’s version … has a gnomic quality, and we do feel as if we are glimpsing the art of an ancient poet. … At the same time, the book does not discount the possibility of being used for academic purposes … this translation works effectively as a source for the myths which is uncommonly mindful of historical circumstances surrounding its composition, which we are at times in danger of forgetting. … Morrissey’s diligent style and innovative framing devices provide a new and helpful context to read and re-read some of the great founding narratives of classical literature." —Glasgow Review of Books


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